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Get the kind of oven cleaning in {PLACE_NAME} which can refresh even cooking appliances which have gone for a long period of time without professional attention. The specialist dip tank cleaning method we use makes it possible to get into the hidden corners of your cooker and afterwards simply wipe away the worst areas of grime.

Proven to be effective on all kinds of cookers, from standard ovens to AGAs, ranges and barbecues, this method involves the careful disassembly of your oven so that each part can be addressed individually.

Perfectly paired with our end of tenancy cleaning option but also available with our regular or one off domestic cleaning or simply on its own, our oven cleaning services are affordable, mess-free and convenient.

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How our oven cleaning in {PLACE_NAME} works

Your service technicians will carefully prepare the area they’re going to be working in before your appointment starts. This usually means they’ll put down protective sheeting and use other methods to protect your kitchen from any possible mess. Rest assured, they’ll also clean up any mess which somehow gets through these precautions after they’re finished.

During the main part of your service, you will see your team carefully remove your oven door, control dials, racks, trays and frames in order to place them in individual dip tanks of a specially selected oven cleaning solution.

After your appliance’s main body has been manually cleansed, these parts are put back in place and a full function check is carried out. The solution and dip tanks are so effective that your team can simply wipe even deeply dirty ovens clean!

While all this is going on, it’s good to know that you are protected not only by your team’s extensive training and qualifications but by full insurance cover too.

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